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Participants of this site agree to contact and be contacted to receive and offer DigitalfarmAfricas. There is not to be any solicitation of funds by any participant.
Mentors, we hope that you will sign up and reach out to offer your guidance to those in Africa, who are seeking DigitalfarmAfricas to help them not only increase their personal capacity, but also their capacity in their community. We thank you in advance for your valuable time and advice you can provide.
Mentees, we hope that you will sign up and reach out to the Mentors who graciously are willing to donate their time and knowledge to help you and your community reach your full potential.
We hope this platform provides mutual benefits to each party.
Thank you for your participation
The DigitalfarmAfrica.com Team


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DigitalFarmAfrica.com is the #1 multi-lingual digital platform where farmers in Africa can display information about their products and farms in each of the 54 countries in Africa. Search for your fresh African farm products today.

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